Orion Right-Angle 1X-2X Viewer for Polar Scopes

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  • No more dirty knees and sore neck! This 90-degree polar scope viewer makes polar alignment of your equatorial mount easy and comfortable
  • Fits on 25mm to 30mm-diameter polar scopes, including Celestron CGEM, CGEM II, Advanced VX, or CG-5; Skywatcher HEQ5, EQ6R, and EQM35; Orion AstroView, Sirius, Atlas, Atlas II, Sirius Pro, Atlas Pro, and StarShoot CAT (NOTE: Celestron & Skywatcher polar scopes are OPTIONAL equipment for their respective mounts; this Orion finder will NOT function without them.)
  • Built-in Amici prism provides same image orientation as polar scope, plus 1x or 2x magnification options
  • Three thumbscrews secure the viewer to your mount's polar scope
  • Other features include 360-degree swivel, helical focus ring, and soft rubber eyecup

Polar aligning an equatorial mount can be, quite literally, a pain. Because it often involves getting down on your knees in the wet grass or dirt while craning your neck to look up through the mount's polar scope. And then holding your head and back and legs still in that contorted position while you try to make minute adjustments to your mount's azimuth and altitude axes. There has got to be a better way....

Now there is! The Orion Right-Angle 1X-2X Viewer for Polar Scopes makes the knee-muddying, neck-cramping process of polar alignment a whole lot easier. It slides over your mount's polar axis scope and provides a more-comfortable 90-degree viewing angle. It also swivels left or right for even greater viewing convenience. The built-in amici prism serves up the same image orientation as the polar scope, and you can even double the magnification of the polar scope's field of view and reticle pattern by sliding the power switch from 1x to 2x, to bettern discern fine details.

    The Orion Right-Angle 1X-2X Viewer for Polar Scopes is equipped with a machined aluminum adapter with three thumbscrews to provide a highly secure and centered attachment to your mount's polar scope. Other features include a focusing ring and a soft rubber eyecup to center your eye and block ambient light.

    Polar aligning an equatorial mount shouldn't mean having to endure grass-stained trouser knees and a sore neck every time. Try a new angle! Get the Orion Right-Angle 1X-2X Viewer for Polar Scopes today.