H-alpha Solar Telescopes – Coronado

Hydrogen Alpha solar telescopes reveal our nearest star like never before. Astronomy doesn't just happen during the night. With one of our Hydrogen-Alpha solar telescopes, you will be able to safely view solar prominences and surface details. Unlike white-light solar filters that allow viewing of active sunspots (when sunspots are present) there is always something new and interesting to be seen with a Hydrogen-Alpha solar telescope.

The smallest angstrom rating delivers the sharpest views of both surface details and prominences. 1.0 angstrom will deliver discernible details, while 0.5 angstrom will bring clear contrast to those details. Most Coronado solar telescopes come with a choice of a single filter, delivering 1.0 - 0.7 angstrom, or a double-stack which delivers 0.5 angstrom, but at higher price.

Coronado solar telescopes also come in a choice of blocking filter (BF) size. The larger the blocking filter diameter (10mm, 15mm, or 30mm) the wider the view through the eyepiece or with your camera. Choose a larger diameter BF for the best field of view.

Not sure what to choose? See our Coronado Solar Telescopes Overview.