Used ZWO 8-position EFW (Electronic Focus Wheel) - 1 1/4"


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This is a ZWO 8-position Electronic Focus Wheel in excellent condition.  It comes with two 1.25" nosepieces, one for each side.  However, it did not come with a USB 2.0 cable, or any of the other accessories that this normally comes with.  Therefore, we have not been able to test it out.  We have taken this uncertainty into the incredibly low price - over 75% off of the new list price. 

This comes in its original box with foam liner. 



Lots of Filter Positions for Astro-Imaging Flexibility!

The ZWO EFW 8 X 1.25" Electronic Filter Wheel is designed to easily rotate from one filter to another on demand. The EFW body is CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum and is super sturdy. The included 8-position carousel accepts 1.25" threaded filters or 31 mm unthreaded filters that are held in place with included M2 screws. To achieve the best results, use 1.25" threaded filters for systems with focal ratios of f/5 or slower. If you have a system that is faster than f/5, ZWO recommends using 31 mm filters to avoid vignetting, although you will get vignetting regardless if used with systems of f/2 or faster.

ZWO EFW 8x1.25 Filter Wheel Carousel

This filter wheel is easily powered by plugging a 6.5-foot USB2.0 cable into your camera's USB hub or directly into your computer. The control modes are ASCOM and SDK. Once installed, the filter wheel can be controlled by a variety of imaging software programs. There is no need for a driver, since this is an HID device, like a mouse or keyboard. Weighing in at just about 14 ounces and with a thin profile of 20 mm, this filter wheel is a lightweight and effective way of reaching your imaging goals. The reliable stepper motor comes from NPM Japan and will provide optimum performance during use.


With 8 positions, this filter wheel can accept 1.25 threaded filters or 31 mm unmounted filters. Filters (not including the threads) must be less than 7 mm in thickness and threads must be less than 3mm long. The Filter Wheel can be rotated either clock- or counter-clock wise, making filter selection easier and faster.


ZWO EFW 8X1.25 Filter Wheel Included Accessories

The maximum power consumption of this ZWO EFW is approximately 120mAh @ 5V, which can be provided by the ZWO cooled CCD camera USB2.0 port or via your camera's USB port. (camera sold separately).