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Used Thousand Oaks Film Solar Filter - 100mm aperture/120mm I.D.


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This is a used Thousand Oaks film solar white light filter.  It has a 100mm aperture and an inside diameter of approximately 120.6mm.  It is in excellent condition, with no scratches, pinholes, sleeks, or anything else that would let the full strength of the solar light through.  It comes with its instructions.  However, the previous owner used the felt and glued it to the outside of the filter instead of the inside.  

This uses a friction fit, so you may need to insert some felt in between the filter and the tube to make sure the filter stays in position.  (We also recommend the use of additional tape and/or velcro to ensure the filter stays on the front of the telescope--as with all solar filters, it is essential that the filter is securely fitted so that it doesn't come off, or permanent eye damage could result. 

  • Safe for viewing the Sun
  • Blocks 99.999% of incoming light

Thousand Oaks Glass White-Light Solar Filters are the perfect accessory to transform your telescope into a SAFE way to view the Sun! The aluminum housing, reflective helios solar glass filters block 99.999% of incoming light for protection, guaranteeing safety with correct use.