Like New Astromania Tri-finder Finderscope Mount

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This is a like new in box triple finder mount for standard Vixen finders/GLPs.  As long as your finder/RDF/GLP has the "regular" shoe, it will fit in this footer.  Want to use an RDF, a RACI finder, and a GLP, all at the same time?  This triple mount solves that problem.  

Comes in its original box.  

  • One finder scope shoe is all you need - mounting is easy, just slide the Tri-Finder into the existing finder scope shoe. You now have 3 Vixen/Synta slots at your disposal. You can attach a finder scope, your LED finder and perhaps a laser pointer. You will ever need to grope around in the dark again, but easily be able to locate any faint object.
  • A holder for a mini guide scope: They look like finder scopes, but there are actually guide scopes. Astrophotographers like to use them with an auto-guider. But the best thing is that they are easy to install and fit into the Tri-Finder, so astrophotography is perhaps not child's play, but becomes a lot easier.
  • Black anodized aluminium: The Tri-Finder will give you many years of enjoyment - made of anodized aluminium; it is not only extremely light but is also anodized in black. This gives the holder a refined and smooth appearance. But above all, it makes it more resistant.
  • Use any combination of three aiming devices you wish including finder scope, red-dot reflex sights, green laser pointer brackets, mini guide scopes, and more. Attach three finder scopes or other aiming devices to your telescope quickly and easily.You'll never go back to using just one finder scope again!
  • Accommodates three finder scopes simultaneously. Each finder is securely clamped with two screws. Using different types of finder at the same time, you can find your favourite objects easier and faster. In the end, we don't want to have to spend to long searching, we want to be observing!

Astromania Tri-Finder Finderscope Mount

- three finders but just one bracket

Which finder scope should I use today? - the optical finder scope or perhaps better yet the LED finder? You no longer need to give it a second thought - mount both! This is now quite simple - the Astromania Tri-Finder will let you attach up to 3 finders onto a single telescope OTA.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • Use up to 3 finders simultaneously
  • Fits into the Vixen-syle finder scope shoe on your telescope
  • No further drilling required
  • 2 clamping screws for each finder
  • Made of anodized aluminium and lightweight