Used TEC 8'' f/20 Maksutov

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Condition: Extremely rare, part of an estate sale. This is a used TEC 8'' Maksutov in good condition.  It is serial number 0102.  They don't even make these any more! 

NOTE: Unfortunately, after checking with TEC, they don't service these anymore.  TEC has switched its production to high-end apochromatic refractors, and simply no longer has the equipment to work with Maksutovs. 

The f/20 focal length means that the secondary obstruction is tiny.  This is the planet-killer you've been waiting for.  

Includes rings with variously spaced screw holes to screw on the mounting plate of your choice - DOES NOT INCLUDE A DOVETAIL PLATE.  However, holding up a Losmandy plate to the rings reveals that it should fit onto the rings just fine.  It includes what we believe to be a straight-through 8x50 finderscope with a helical focuser.  There are no other accessories.  

No boxes; in-store purchase only. This is one of a kind and not replaceable, so we will not risk shipping damage.

Clear aperture 200 mm
Focal length 4000 mm
Focal ratio 20
Tube diameter 10″
Tube length  31″ 
Tube weight (including rings) 23.8 lbs

Testing and Quality Assurance

TEC Telescopes go through rigorous testing to ensure top quality performance. Newtonian Rings are used throughout the glass production process and we then use an interferometer to correct any remaining imperfections. Every telescope is then tested vigorously to reach the most optimum Strehl ratio possible. Rest assured that your telescope has been optimized to be as optically perfect as possible. If the objective does not reach Yuri’s expectations, the telescope will not be shipped. As a strict policy, TEC will not release telescope test reports. 

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