RedBeam II LED Flashlight

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  • Handy red LED flashlight illuminates your telescope equipment and star charts without disturbing dark-adapted vision
  • Adjustable brightness wheel lets you control just how bright or dim you want the red light to be
  • Twin red LEDs are powered by one replaceable 9-volt alkaline battery (included) for up to 600 hours of use
  • Durable 4-1/4" long plastic housing fits easily in a pocket and features a long lanyard for hanging around your neck in the field
  • Keep your eyes dark-adapted and don't lose another set-screw in the dark with this handy red flashlight from Orion!

This versatile red-light flashlight is just what the practical astronomer ordered. It features continuously adjustable brightness so you get just the right amount of red LED light for your needs. Keep it dim for reading star charts while in the field, or with a turn of the knurled finger wheel make it bright for walking around the campsite or packing up for the night while still retaining your dark adaptation.

The RedBeam II is ideal for providing helpful illumination of your astronomy equipment during a stargazing session, so you can clearly see your gear without disrupting your dark adapted vision. Use it to see your tripod leg locks, telescope focuser, and more without damaging your nighttime vision. It's a great help when shuffling through your accessory case looking for that favorite telescope eyepiece to use! 

The Orion RedBeam II flashlight features twin red LEDs which are powered by one replaceable 9-volt alkaline battery (included) that provides up to 600 hours of use. The durable, 4-1/4" long plastic housing fits easily in a pocket, or you hang it around your neck with the attached 20" looped cord.

Let there be adjustable light! Get the RedBeam II today, at an unbeatable price and never be lost in the dark.

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