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Saturn AstroBox (Now shipping!)


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Product Description

AstroBox is the space science box for curious minds that highlights real NASA exploration missions. For Fall 2017, we explore Saturn and look at the Voyager and Cassini missions that have given us an unprecedented look at Saturn, its rings, and many moons.

What’s inside:

  1. • Cassini Grand Finale t-shirt
  2. • ISS Expedition 53 Crew Patch
  3. • Museum quality 8x10 art print
  4. • Four additional mystery products

In total, over a $100 retail value.

Every AstroBox is designed to provide an immersive experience as you explore our featured subject. Be an explorer with AstroBox!

Single AstroBox pre-orders are now offered at the same price as the quarter-by-quarter subscription. The price will however go up after all the included products are revealed, so order soon!

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