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Pre-Order: Hunting ExoPlanets AstroBox


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Product Description

PREORDER ITEM: The Hunting ExoPlanets AstroBox will begin shipping around December 8th. U.S. orders will all arrive before Christmas; Due to the variability of customs, international orders cannot be guaranteed to arrive by December 25th.

AstroBox is the space science box for curious minds that highlights real NASA exploration missions. For Winter 2017, we are hunting Exoplanets - that is, planets outside our solar system!

The first Exoplanet wasn't discovered until 1992, but in the last decade, the number of confirmed Exoplanets has exploded to over 3,600, and more discoveries are being made every month! Join us as we explore how astronomers are hunting down these far away worlds, and discover the amazing diversity of planets around other stars. This AstroBox even includes an activity to imagine your own Exoplanets!

What’s inside:

  1. • 5-8 Quality items, including:
  2. • Earth of Distant Suns by Michael Carroll
  3. I Need My Space beanie
  4. • Museum quality 8x10 art print
  5. • Additional mystery products (We don't want to spoil the surprise!)

In total, over a $100 retail value.

Every AstroBox is designed to provide an immersive experience as you explore our featured subject. Be an explorer with AstroBox!

Single AstroBox pre-orders are now offered at the same price as the quarter-by-quarter subscription. We expect the winter boxes to sell out, because AstroBox makes an amazing gift for any space junky. Pre-order your Hunting Exoplanets AstroBox to ensure availability.

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