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Space Science and STEM Learning

AstroBox is about curiosity.

Hello, I'm Sorin, the creater of AstroBox. I am a firm believer in encouraging curiosity and exploration for kids and adults of all ages. I've worked in the education software industry, and I've been an amateur astronomer for several years. I've also served on the boards of the Seattle Astronomical Society, and the Denver Astronomical Society. I continue to organize and participate in public outreach activities, giving many people their very first look through a telescope. Whenever someone sees the rings of Saturn, or the cloud bands of Jupiter for the first time, it is always a WOW moment!

My goal with Astrobox is to bring more of those WOW moments that happen when you discover something new and exciting. AstroBox is designed to deliver a strong dose of curiosity, inspiration, and wonder with every box. With our focus on real-world space science and missions of discovery, AstroBox a great addition to STEM learning, both inside and outside of the classroom. 

If you have any questions, connect with me on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. I'd love to hear from you!

(The photo is me at the Very Large Array radio observatory in New Mexico, with one of the 27 radio telescopes in the background.)